---Why Restoration

Deep authentic relationships using Jesus’s discipleship method builds a sense of community. That sense of community develops an openness for desiring change, which moves people towards healthy responses and choices. That is the driving force behind restoration ministry. Our church and community need people like you who will:
 Be an advocate: for this ministry and let people know all that is happening in the area of recovery and restoration. You have a unique circle of influence and we want you to leverage it to be a spokesperson for this ministry.
 Use your Talents: for kingdom work not just in the marketplace or at home. We need your passion, leadership, listening ear, prayer, hospitality, writing skills, teaching, management and logistics skills. 
 Admit you need help because we all need each other: Check out one or all of these opportunities.
1. Join us on Thursday’s for Re:generation.
2. Participate in our classes and workshops.
3. Join a small group.
4. Visit us on Sunday’s to hear from Gods word and find a sense of family and belonging at Real Life Ministries Texas.
“The real legacy of my life was my biggest failure — My greatest humiliation — being sent to prison — was the beginning of God’s greatest use of my life; He chose the one thing in which I could not glory for His glory.”
~ Charles Colson
There is so much happening at Real Life Ministries and I am excited to share it with you. I love the quote from Charles Colson about how God used him. It was not his political aspirations, his intellectual  abilities, or his great gifts. It was his mistakes and great humiliation that brought him to his knees and to the foot of the cross.
It also brought him to a ministry of reconciliation. This is such an encouragement to me and a great reminder that it is God who gives me the strength, direction, and passion that I need. I don’t have all the answers, but HE does. If you are interested in getting help with your hurts, habits, and hang-ups, or serving in Restoration, please email me. I will connect you to the ministry leads in the area you are interested in and we will give you the next steps for partnering with us.
Judy Cintron 
Director of Restoration
Real Life Ministries Texas 
---Our Leadership
Director of Restoration
Robert Garcia
Associate Pastor of Restoration



--- Volunteers

Joni Garcia
Re:generation Leader
Bear Erickson
Marriage Mentor Director
Rick Goldsby
Ryan & Jordan Moffitt
Financial Peace University
Rachel Barrios
Embrace Grace Director
Jeff McCormick
Habitat for Humanity
Gabby Cerda
Embrace Grace Leader
Tracy Lamb
Veterans Leader
Hannah Wentworth
Digital Storytelling Director
Kallista Rothlander
Digital Storyteller
Susan Baker
Digital Storyteller